Meet Laura Krantz, General Manager Cheyenne Blvd.

Photo of Laura Krantz

Laura Krantz

General Manager

What year did you start working for McDonald’s and the Walla Organization?


What led you to your current career at McDonald’s?

One of my long-time best friends worked for the company at the time and she raved that it was wonderful. She loved it, and I wanted to love my job too. I put in an application, was interviewed and got hired! I immediately loved the fast pace and the people around me and knew that I could be happy for a while here. My General Manager at the time came up to me one day and asked, “What are your summer plans? Ever thought about management?” And from there on, I knew that was the path I wanted to take that would lead me where I am today.

What is your current position and responsibility?

I am the General manager of the Cheyenne Blvd/Elk Vale location. I oversee all operations of the restaurant. This includes sales/expenses, profit, employee practices, training, scheduling, inventory, cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and ensuring we are representing the brand and Wendy to the Walla Organization standards. I am also the lively one that likes to sing and dance to keep the store alive and laughing!

Why do you work at McDonald’s?

I work at McDonalds because of the people. From getting new crew members to training new managers, I love watching people learn and grow. I have met so many people through my McDonald’s journey and so many of them have made lasting impressions on me. I love getting to come into work and lead a team of great individuals and impact their day to day through work and personability. I also enjoy interacting with so many different customers as I get to learn about where they come from and what it is like there. We have the great opportunity to meet so many new people, employee or customer!

What is it like working for the Walla Organization?

It feels like I have a second family. From the owner truly caring about her people, to the team below her, I always feel like I have people that have each other’s best interest at hand. I have never once questioned the decisions being made by our owner and supervisors, because I always know that they are being made with the people at the front of their mind, which is very important to me. If we don’t treat our people good, they leave, and we wouldn’t have the amazing opportunities that we have today.

What is your go-to meal at McDonald’s?

Breakfast would include an egg cheese biscuit with a hashbrown, while lunch is a McChicken with tomatoes.

How does your career at McDonald’s support your life outside of work?

There are a lot of ways my job supports my personal life. There are obvious things like competitive pay and bonuses, however other things like health insurance, creating a schedule that works for my personal life, and gaining ample skills from the job.  

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family the most as they bring me so much peace and happiness. I also enjoy being home with a good book or TV show snuggled up with my animals. I also enjoy getting a good coffee and going shopping, because what girl doesn’t? And if you’re wondering, yes, pumpkin spice latte

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