Why Work For Us?

Working for McDonald’s and the Walla Organization offers unprecedented opportunities for personal and professional growth in a welcoming environment that puts our people first.

By joining our McFamily, you’ll have access to fantastic benefits and rewards for a job well done. Money is important, and we do offer competitive pay, including a lucrative premium pay program for qualified employees. However, we understand that the real value of a job is more than just the wage you bring home, which is why we provide valuable benefits to our team members such as:

  • Accrued time off from your very first day on the job
  • Free food while working
  • Scheduling flexibility that allows you to focus on your personal life
  • Easy access to more work using our NEXT app, where you can pick up shifts at your own convenience
  • Flex employee opportunities that allow you to only work the shifts that you want to choose from the NEXT app
  • Premium pay for qualified employees that allows you to greatly increase your earning potential
  • Educational Benefits through the Archways to Opportunity program, which provides opportunities to earn a High School degree, college tuition assistance and English classes as a second language (ESL) after three months of your employment
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for qualified employees
  • Working for small business owners

No matter the capacity you serve in the Walla Organization and McDonald’s, you’ll find great reward in the opportunities you have to enjoy a fulfilling job, led by dedicated management that cares about your unique needs. Learn more about our jobs in Rapid City today!

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McDonald’s feels like a second family to me and I’m just very comfortable in that environment. They are very welcoming and understanding. I can talk to them about anything.


When someone is down we always pick each other up and its always a family, fun-filled environment.


McDonalds’ has given me a ton of confidence in life. I was a shy kid when I started here that didn’t talk to anyone. Now I’m more outgoing and I seek conversations out and I’m way more outgoing. I’m good at helping kids learn that trait as well.

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