Meet Todd Jaco, Area Supervisor

Photo of Todd Jaco.

Todd Jaco

Area Supervisor

What year did you start working for McDonald’s and the Walla Organization?


What led you to your current career at McDonald’s?

My career started with my dad giving away my bicycle and buying me a 1984 Mazda B2000 pickup. He told me I owed him $150 in 30 days. The McDonald’s on Cleveland St. was the closest to my house and my brother already worked there so I went. Since it was convenient and I knew someone working there, I went and asked my brother if he could get me a job. He said no, so I asked the person standing next to him who I should ask about a job. They gave me an on-the-spot interview when I was only 15 years old and told me to come in on the next Saturday to do my orientation.

What is your current position and responsibility?

I was promoted to Area Supervisor in August of 2020. My role as Area Supervisor is to monitor the daily operations of all the restaurants in the Walla Organization. I work hand-in-hand with each store to set goals and expectations. I help each store plan their paths to achieve metrics and develop people. I also help Josh and Wendy guide the stores to be the best that we believe they can be.

Why do you work at McDonald’s?

I work at McDonalds because I am really good at it. I truly enjoy the fast-paced environment and helping people grow to be the best versions of themselves. My whole career I have been driven to get to the next step and the Walla Organization has always had someone there to help me excel to the next level. Now, I am hopefully continuing the lineage of helping people.

What is it like working for the Walla Organization?

Working for the Walla Organization is like being part of the greatest show on earth. We work hard every day to build an organization that strives to be the best. We are also like a huge family. Yes, we have our differences, but when push comes to shove we all have each other’s backs. We also work for an owner/operator who values each of us as an individual. Wendy cares for all of us and has, on multiple occasions, put her people way above the chance to make a profit.

What is your go-to meal at McDonald’s?

Breakfast= Sausage McMuffin

Lunch= Cheeseburger (only ketchup) and a four piece Chicken McNugget meal  

How does your career at McDonald’s support your life outside of work?

My career has been amazing at allowing me the freedom to truly live the dream. I have a beautiful wife, 4 dogs that think I am amazing, a job that is fulfilling, and I get to fish almost anytime I want. My career has allowed for me to live in the neighborhood I want, drive the vehicles that excite me, and purchase the fishing boat I have always dreamed of. We all get to make a choice on what our work-life balance should be. For some it is 50/50. Others it is 70/30. This career allows for a lot of variances for me.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My free time is spent traveling with my wife or on the water fishing. My wife and I enjoy live music, so we try to attend music festivals yearly. When my wife is working, I am chasing whatever species of fish that will bite.

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