Meet Staci Ullmark, People Experience Lead/HR Director

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People Experience Lead/HR Director

What year did you start working for McDonald’s and the Walla Organization?

My McDonalds career originally began in the Spring of 2000, I left in 2013 just shy of thirteen years to finish graduate school and returned in early 2022.

What led you to your current career at McDonald’s?

Many paths led me to my current career. McDonalds was originally my job awhile I was in high school and was initially a way for me to have extra spending money. After I graduated high school, I attempted to earn a degree but realized that McDonalds provided with everything I needed at that time in my life and put my focus toward making it my career. Throughout nearly 13 years with the organization I gained knowledge and many skills that led me to find a passion in working with people and decided to pursue a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Sociology and as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development. I still worked at the restaurant and through the flexible scheduling, I was able to earn my bachelor degree while raising a family. I left McDonalds in early 2013 to complete graduate school and returned to the organization in early 2022. I’ve held fulfilling careers in the helping field during my nine-year absence but always fell back on the foundation that I gained while working in McDonalds and have always known that this is where I belong.

What is your current position and responsibility?

My current position is Person Experience Lead/Human Resources Director. My responsibility is to assist and maintain balancing the customer service of the many wonderful of the Walla Organization. Some of those duties include: onboarding new employees, training and development, community outreach, conduct employee surveys, and assessing the need of individual employees.

Why do you work at McDonald’s?

I work at McDonalds for the wonderful people it attracts, the work/life balance and the overall business standards. I truly enjoy the upbeat and fast-paced environment as well as what this organization stands for with the customer first mentality with both the external and internal customers.

What is it like working for the Walla Organization?

I love working for the Walla Organization because of the people first mentality. There is truly a caring feel to this organization that pushes for a positive work environment and work/life balance.

What is your go-to meal at McDonald’s?

My favorite go to meal at McDonald’s is the Double Cheeseburger and a medium hot Mocha.

How does your career at McDonald’s support your life outside of work?

My career at McDonalds supports many things outside of work. I always tells anyone who will listen that I “grew up McDonalds”. Not only has this organization provided me the skills and growth opportunities to utilize in any work setting I’ve been in but it also provided a family. Many employees today have been a part of my life since I first started with the organization. And throughout the years, my family only grew as others started and stayed as well. Many activities and events in my personal life involve my McDonalds family.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family, travel and go on walks with my two dogs.

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