Meet Joe Meier, General Manager, West Main McDonald’s

Photo of Joe Meier.

Joe Meier

General Manager,
West Main

What year did you start working for McDonald’s and the Walla Organization?

May of 2000, when I was 15 years old.

What led you to your current career at McDonald’s?

I was raised with a good work ethic and drive to please/succeed from my parents. They are the type of people who are almost never still and always thinking of the next project or task even in their leisure time. This translated to early raises and promotions at a younger age at McDonald’s that continued as this job became my career.

What is your current position and responsibility?

I am currently a GM at the West Main McDonalds and the Lead of our Hospitality Department for our Organization, as well as an OTP Pro.

Why do you work at McDonald’s?

When I was younger, I was drawn to the flexible scheduling and available hours. As I grew up I realized that McDonald’s sets itself apart from its competitors and is a leader when it comes to Brand pride and food safety responsibility, which brings a huge amount of personal pride to be involved with.

What is it like working for the Walla Organization?

We have an Owner and leadership that truly cares about our lives and our personal success, which is rare to find in most jobs. I have a lot of close family members who have left their long term jobs due to how employees are thought of and treated and I find myself unable to relate to their issues because of how well we’re taken care of.

What is your go-to meal at McDonald’s?

I am currently stuck on the Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich for dinner or lunch, but will typically have a Sausage Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

How does your career at McDonald’s support your life outside of work?

It affords me the luxury of providing steady pay and health care for my family as well as the peace of mind to be able to take vacations and trust that our organization’s systems and people practices will cover my leave.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have a wide range of hobbies and leisure activities from camping/hunting/fishing to motorcycle riding, video games, and computer modification/tweaking.

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